Trump vs. Clinton and You

This is a great topic and example of insanity.   Anyone who knows me, is aware that I’ve never been a political sort of person.   I generally avoid it like the plague.  But this election unlike any other has gotten more interest and has more opinions than any I can remember in my lifetime.

My favorite meme so far regarding this is “picking a candidate is like trying to decide which STD is best for me.   This is the first time I can remember in my lifetime (yeah i’m older than 15)  that there is no clear choice, nobody I feel confident in to lead the country, nobody to keep me, friends and family safe, secure, and with a few dollars left after taxes.  This is a conundrum that many I’ve talked to have as well.   Unfortunately the table has been set and the menu cannot be changed, it’s almost sad and certainly scary.  Buckle in.   it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

So who to begin with..   Let’s talk about Trump.   I can tell you I never liked him when he was on the Apprentice.  He was inconsistent and just flat a jerk.  I thought he was crazy then and my opinion hasn’t changed.  He’s said a lot of things during the campaign that are just crazy. Then he either denies saying it, where he clearly did, or he does apologize for it and we’re off to the races again.  I don’t like what he has in mind, and you should keep in mind that there are things he just can’t do.  What people should note here, and it’s clear that many have is that Trump represents change, a departure from the classic politician that folks are frankly tired of.   There are many that think we need some kind of refresh and a new perspective.   I don’t necessarily disagree with this, but I don’t think that Trump will bring what they are expecting.  Building that wall between the US and Mexico would be an interesting undertaking.  I have one other theory about Trump.   I think he could have won this easily if he had just been able to keep to the script and keep his mouth shot.  But if you notice, every time he got close or was ahead in the polls, it was like a cue for him to say something stupid to widen the gap.  It’s actually well known that Trump never thought he’d get this far.  I think he ran on a lark just to shake things up.   It took hold more than anyone expected, and nobody saw it coming, not even him.

Let’s go to Clinton.   She is just as scary as Trump but in very different ways.


We begin..

I think you may have noticed that our world is a bit out of sorts.   There is more and more stress out there.   Look at the situation with the upcoming election, the relationship between whites and blacks, the relations with police, terrorist plots and actions, military actions overseas, nuclear threats, scary clowns!  It’s crazy and explains a bit why people are wound so tight.

There is so much that I’m not sure where to begin with this, so let me start with where most of this starts and probably my biggest complaint.   The Media.      Yes, that which keeps us informed, also twists and manipulates us.   They take full advantage of our habits, and they make sure they cover what they want us to see.   This may play to their own political views or simply work to gain subscribers or viewership.  They control what they show you,  they understand that many people don’t read past headlines.  What you may not know is that they can use this to sway your opinion, to make you happy, to outrage you.  They will claim it’s simple reporting, I say it’s simple manipulation.   I’ll be pointing out the role of media in several future posts, since they are involved in most everything.   It won’t be just the formal media, but the explosion of social media that is taking fact twisting to new levels.   You’ll see how that is changing America, and I don’t think  for the better.


Welcome to the first bastion of sanity.   Don’t you wonder if the world is somehow spinning off his axis?  Are you finding that this 2016 election has taken crazy turns and inspires fear in the direction our government is taking? Then you are probably in the right place.  I promise you won’t agree with everything here, but I can promise that the items here aside from opinion will be researched  and as close to the truth as you can get.  Have fun, comment as you wish, just keep it clean,  not personal, and intelligent.   Opinions are fine but arguments without facts to back it will just be deleted.    Let’s go!